Postal Delays From a Small Business Perspective

Postal Delays Nationwide




This holiday season has been very frustrating for both retailers and customers. Between Covid restrictions and postal delays, it has been nothing but a nightmare.

With the current pandemic, many more people have turned to online shopping so that they can find just the right gift for that special person while remaining in the safety of their own home. No worries about wearing a mask, or being socially distanced or even getting dressed for that matter! The perfect scenario and you place your order.

Now comes the backend. We receive your order. As the holidays approached, we laid in supplies. We brought in so many supplies that we thought it would carry us into the spring. We were wrong, as we also couldn't possibly have anticipated the volume. But we dealt with it. We have a phenomenal team here at Simply Custom Life and we worked around the clock to get your custom order out to you. Twice each day, the post office sent someone to pick up our packages. Then the postal delays hit hard. We were totally blindsighted as were millions of others experiencing the same thing. The emails started pouring in, the phone rang constantly. We were called names, we were called scammers, we were threatened, we had chargebacks filed, we had cases filed. We were physically and emotionally drained. We can't even begin to tell you how difficult to spend 12 hours each day on the phone with people that are upset and yelling at you and at the same time, responding to emails that are even more abusive. We totally understand your frustration as we are just as frustrated. 

We had many super fantastic understanding customers this season, but we also have those that forgot that they were dealing with a human being on the other end of the phone or email. We are not a large corporation where you may be talking to a customer service rep in a foreign country. We are a small business that truly cares that you didn't receive your order and are trying to work with both you and the post office to get it to you.

Now, let's add in the last tidbit. Our products are found on several platforms with Amazon being the largest. Amazon took a bad situation and made it worse and then turned their backs on their sellers. When the delays were at there worst, Amazon sent emails to all customers whose packages were caught up in these delays and told them their package was lost and to request a refund and when it arrived that they were welcome to keep it. We were forced to refund for hundreds of packages that were still in transit. Amazon gave away our products for free. All the supplies, all the man hours, all the missed family time of everyone here at Simply Custom Life was for nothing, so when we say we understand your frustration....we really do.

So next time you are on the phone with a company, or need to send an email and you know it is a small business, please remember that they are human too. When you shop from a small business, you will always get someone who truly cares about you and your order!

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