Simply Custom Life is the next step in our journey.

Several years ago, our adventure began making custom tshirts and baby items. We grew and our products became a part of many peoples lives and photo albums. Products have come and products have gone, but we continued to grow. Soon the embroidery part of our business became our main focus. 

This past summer, my son and his wife made the decision to move back to Florida to help with the business. Since then, we have added another commercial embroidery machine to our army along with a laser as we expand to be able to offer you more personalized gift items. We also plan on adding sublimation in the very near future along with another embroidery machine.

Since we are expanding our product line, we needed to have a new name that would better suit our new direction. After a lot of brainstorming and the help of several talented graphic artists, our new logo was born. We chose a paper airplane to be a part of our logo as it has a few meanings. It is symbolic of letting go of things that have held you back. The trail behind it represents letting go of the past. It is symbolic of adventure and dreams and serves as a reminder to keep moving forward. We not only loved the design, but we also felt that it fit us perfectly!

So please, we invite you to join us on our continuing adventure. Check back with us often, drop us an email, call us...whatever! We love creating unique gifts for you or your loved ones and we have a lot of new things coming!